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Lilian Watts

"The Civil Society Social Fund resolved all my doubts in a matter of minutes. It was impressive. The Social Fund had me on the wait for over two days, and I didn’t have that much time. They saved me."

Daniel Eckhart

"The service of the Civil Society Social Fund was very good. I am satisfied with their customer attention and their efficiency. My question got solved immediately, and I saved myself a lot of time."

Haley Reynolds

"I consulted the Civil Society Social Fund regarding my budgeting loans, and all information they provided were accurate. Not everything is disclosed in the Social Fund website, it was great to have all the data at hand."

How will UK pensioners Living in Europe copy with Brexit

Retirement: a rest, or a challenge?

The life of a retiree is supposed to be a reward after years of work. Pensions should be in accordance with the person's effort in the last decades and enough for a happy life - all bills covered, a dignified property where to live, and spare for entertainment and personal development. In some cases, this happens, and retirees can enjoy the rest of their lives without economical concerns and exploring the new possibilities of the development of technology and medicine. However, in some scenarios, this isn't what happens.

Unlike work, retirement provides a steady monthly income that cannot be increased or adapted to a person's needs or interests, and not in all cases it is enough for what they want to do. Some retirees struggle in debt or feel frustrated because what they get isn't what they wish they got. Also, some external circumstances can challenge a retiree's financial balance, and today we might just be witnessing one of these challenges knocking at our door. Read More...