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Lilian Watts

"The Civil Society Social Fund resolved all my doubts in a matter of minutes. It was impressive. The Social Fund had me on the wait for over two days, and I didn’t have that much time. They saved me."

Daniel Eckhart

"The service of the Civil Society Social Fund was very good. I am satisfied with their customer attention and their efficiency. My question got solved immediately, and I saved myself a lot of time."

Haley Reynolds

"I consulted the Civil Society Social Fund regarding my budgeting loans, and all information they provided were accurate. Not everything is disclosed in the Social Fund website, it was great to have all the data at hand."

The Social Fund Information Porthole


The government of the United Kingdom provides financial aid for those who need it the most, in the form of several low-interest or interest-free loans which are available to those citizens under a social aid regime. Information about how the Social Fund works and how to apply for its services is disclosed in the UK Government website; however, not all answers are provided.


The purpose of the Civil Society Social Fund is to help people get all information they need about the Social Fund and the benefits they can access. We provide accurate and up-to-date information immediately, with no waiting time and no delay. You can call our number any time and make all questions that you need. We will be happy to answer and give you all info you need to make your application.


What sorts of financial aid does the Social Fund provide?


Budgeting Loans Sure Start Maternity Grants
These are interest-free loans that the government provides in order to help citizens affor one-off big expenses. Unlike other economical help provided, this must be repaid. Budgeting loans are provided for affording home improvement, first-need items such as clothng and footwear, travels, and cancelling certain debts, among others. These grants are available for women who are just about to have a baby. The purpose of this grant is to help the family provide the new child with all neccessary care and supplies for a good start in life. Mothers can access the Sure Start Maternity Grant if their partners are under some form of social aid.
Funeral Payments
Cold Weather and Winter Fuel Payments
The purpose of funeral payments is to help families afford a respectful funeral for a recently deceased member. If the deceased person has left behind some sort of estate, the funeral payment will be recovered from the equity of said estate. These are weekly payments provided by the government in the coldest months of the year, and their purpose is to help people afford the heating costs. Cold weather and winter fuel payments do not have to be paid back.


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The purpose of the Civil Society Social Fund Information Porthole is to provide citizens with all information they may require about the Social Fund. You can call our phone line and one of our assistants will solve all your questions the best they can. If you prefer to write an e-mail, then you may do son by using the contact form that we have provided. We will not use your e-mail address for advertisement purposes. We are merely an information service.

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We are constantly checking our data and keeping up to date with any change that is performed in the system, so consulting us guarantees that you will get accurate information in a matter of minutes. We will explain all technicalities and legal aspects of services offered by the Social Fund, as well as provide advice on how to apply. Advice services are included in our regular service fees.